I am often asked “What sort of art do you do??” (abstract) “What’s it about?” (itself).

Over the years, and voraciously at art college, I have visually absorbed the work of many artists from Goya and El Greco to Paul Klee and Picasso. I was particularly drawn to the work of Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Sean Scully, Agnes Martin, Brice Marden…the list is too many to mention. I encountered valued tuition from Alan Reynolds and Jon Groom. All I have learned has influenced my work to a varying degree and I continue to experiment, find my way through to produce something I feel an authentic connection to and hope to convey that to those taking the time to look at my work.

You could say I’m a geometric artist, a non-objective artist but I also want to bring emotion and spirit to the work by my use of colour and line.

While reading recently I came across a quote from the hard edge painter Frank Stella (b.1936) – “What you see is what you see”.

I like that.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born Leicester,UK
  • 1978-1984 St Martin’s School of Art, London
    • Tutors: Alan Reynolds, Peter Lowe, Jon Groom
  • Lives and works in Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

Selected Recent Exhibitions


  • There’s No Other Way, Daisy Laing in London, Fitzrovia Gallery,
  • Cornish Maids, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall


  • Kraftstrom B22, facilitated by Color Box, Cusco and Lima, Peru
  • Karen Foss, Anthea Richards, Judith Whitehouse, Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives
  • What You See Is What You See, Daisy Laing Gallery, Penzance
  • Heal, curated by Chloe Marchand for Debsaysyes, Marseille, France
  • The Last Days Of Summer, Daisy Laing Gallery, Penzance
  • White Circle Project, curated by Deb Covell and Saturation Point, London
  • Paint, curated by Zoe Eaton, Barnoon Arts, St. Ives
  • Summer Exhibition, Penzance Studios, PZ Gallery, Penzance
  • Spring Exhibition, Penzance Studios, Crypt Gallery, St, Ives


  • Room to Breathe, Solo show, Daisy Laing Gallery, Penzance
  • Into the Light, Penzance Studios, Morrab School of Art Gallery, Penzance


  • Dots, Points, Circles, Claudia Weil Gallery, Friedberg, Germany
  • Kite Circus, curated by Nick Grindrod, Sheffield
  • Grey/Gray Matters, curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Zwischenraume, curated by Cigdem Caglayan, for Debsaysyes, Berlin
  • Covimetry, curated by Mark Starel, Poland & Connecticut, USA
  • A6 Murals Worldwide, Online project & publication curated by Lydia Wierenga


  • Unfinished Business, curated by Theresa Poulton, Ex Libris & Long Gallery, Newcastle
  • StARTparty, launch of Debsaysyes, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Black Squares, curated by Billy Gruner, Saturation Point, London
  • RNOP Apeldoorn, curated by Billy Gruner, Apeldoorn, Netherlands


  • Black Box, curated by Arvid Boeker, travelling Germany, France, Belgium
  • Structures, Residency & Exhibition, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall



  • The Pattern Reveals Itself, Claudia Weil Gallery, Friedberg, Germany
  • Angela Kovacs, Zoe Kovacs, Karen Foss, Circa 21, Penzance